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March 21, 2018
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Why Summer Time is Busier Than You Think for Self Storage Units

Summer time is busy for self storage | Vault Self Storage

You might think that winter is the busiest season for self storage companies. As we all head indoors in the fall to hibernate, we need a place to store all the stuff we used in the summer. That could be summer toys like jet skis and power boats, the patio furniture and even a “never winter driven” classic car.

But the reality is that summer can be just as busy, if not even busier, than winter for storage units. Here’s why:

More People Move

Summer is by far the most popular time of year for people to move to a new home or office. When they do, they often need a place to store things while the home is being staged or to store new equipment that will be installed in the new workplace.

University Students Come Home

Summer holidays for university students can mean more than finding a job. They might be moving out of first year residence, moving to a different rental unit in the new school year, or even be changing schools. In any case, they’ll need a place to store their things for the summer. And what better place than a self-storage unit!

Winter Storage is Often Outdoors

It may be true that winter is a busier time for self-storage, but many of the items being stored don’t actually fit in an indoor unit. Vehicle storage for RVs, cars, boats and trailers is often outside and doesn’t reduce the availability of storage units.

People Store Their Winter Stuff Too

Not only do summer toys go away in winter, but winter toys get stored in summer. Snowmobiles, skis and hockey equipment all get stored until the fall or winter.

What Does it All Mean if You Need a Self Storage Unit?

We’ll always have a space for you. But if you are picky about which unit you rent, you’ll have more choice the sooner you call us here at Vault Self Storage.

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