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What Belongings to Keep in Storage During The Winter

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Toronto and the GTA might have just experienced the shortest fall season ever. We enjoyed relatively warm temperatures right into the first week of November, but it was minus double-digits by mid-December.

That instant deep freeze got us thinking about the importance of climate-controlled self storage units.

Unfortunately, more types of things than you think are affected by the wild temperature swings, freeze/thaw cycles and damper conditions that are prevalent in the fall, winter and spring.

Here’s a short list of just some of the things that can be damaged by not being stored in a climate-controlled storage unit throughout the winter.

1. Liquids

First, you should never store liquids that are hazardous, flammable or that emit noxious odours in a storage unit. But, even if you have water in a container, it will freeze in sub-zero temperatures, expand and potentially break the container. And then expose anything below it to water damage.

2. Items Made of Wood

Unless they are made of a particularly dense or hard wood, like teak or oak, they can be susceptible to thermal shock, which is the repeated freezing and thawing that the fluctuating temperatures we experience here in southern Ontario can cause.

3. Anything at Risk of Moisture Damage

This can include clothing, paper good and things made of metal. Especially in fall and spring, the cooler temperatures mean any rain or spring thaw takes a longer time to evaporate. The longer it stays on the ground, the higher the chance of the moisture getting into whatever you have in your storage unit. it can cause damaging mold growth in clothing, paper and wood, and rust in metal.

Why put your belongings at risk of moisture or temperature damage? Call us here at Vault Self Storage where every one of our spacious, secure storage units are climate-controlled.

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