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How to Turn Your Garage into a Better Storage Space

Using your garage for better storage

It seems like we all have too much ‘stuff’. Even when we move into a bigger home, it’s not long before we’re looking for more storage space.

Very often the problem isn’t lack of space, but how we use that space. Take your garage for instance. Whether you actually use it to park your car, you’re probably already using it to store everything from bicycles to baskets.

That ‘catch-all’ nature of how you use your garage can make it unorganized. The result is that anything you store in your garage doesn’t really have its own place, except for where it lands when you ‘throw it in the garage’.

Transforming Your Garage into a Storage Unit

The simple solution for getting more use out of the space in your garage for storage is to create a place for everything and, you guessed it, put everything in its place. That means having a variety of storage options that can be used for anything you store in the garage. Here are just a few to get you started.

1. Enclosed Storage

Some things you don’t use very often or you want to keep out of sight or locked for security reasons. Storage cabinets, cupboards and drawers, give you a place for them. You can have just a single lockable compartment or get an entire wall unit.

2. Open Shelving

You don’t always want to have to open and close a door or drawer every time you need something. Open shelving gives you a place for those things you use often, but don’t need to lock away, like anti-freeze for the car.

3. Slatted Walls

Slat walls offer a wide variety of storage options. They attach to your garage walls and can be used to add hooks, baskets or shelving.

4. Pegboard

The old favourite of workbenches everywhere, pegboard offers a similar variety of options as slat walls, but are usually used for smaller items like hand tools.

5. Under-Ceiling Storage

If your garage doesn’t have a room over it, there’s probably lots of storage space overhead. You can build shelves, install hooks or hang baskets to keep larger items that you might store seasonally, like a canoe or skis.

Of course, we hope you call us when you need extra storage space, but before you do, check your garage to see if you already have the space you need.

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