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The Top 8 Reasons for Renting a Self-Storage Unit

What does a canoe from the movie ‘Deliverance’, a NASA rocket, a $4 million 1937 Bugatti 57S automobile and some never-released Michael Jackson recordings have in common?

(Hint: this is a self-storage blog!)

Yes, all the items listed above were found in self-storage units. But, despite that wide range of interesting and expensive items, most people use storage units for more mundane things.

While it’s a rectangular space that you can use to store almost anything, we all seem to use storage units for many of the same reasons. Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons that we have noticed people use for renting self-storage space.

1. No Other Space for Things

We are all fortunate to live in a country where, generally speaking, we have everything we need. And most of us have a lot more too. Sometimes too much more for whatever space we live in. So, we rent a self storage unit for all our extra stuff.

2. Moving

This is why you se so many ‘moving and storage’ companies. People might need extra space during a move for lots of reasons, including to help stage the home being sold or as a place to receive new appliances, equipment and furniture for the new home.

3. Renovating

Especially because of the over-heated housing market here in the GTA over the past few years, many homeowners chose to renovate the homes they were in versus buying a new one to meet their needs. Storage units are a great way to protect your furniture and belongings while you renovate.

4. New Addition to the Family

That spare rooms your friends use to stay over on weekends needs to be cleared out and converted into a nursery. But it can be a mistake to get rid of all the furniture that’s in the room now. It might seem a far way off, but your baby will grow up and you might need the furniture you have in your spare room now when they do.

5. Tools and Equipment

Whether you’re a handy person or a contractor, sometimes you don’t have the space at home for tools and equipment, or you prefer not to keep them at home. A storage space can work like your warehouse or hobby den.

6. Seasonal Items

Another advantage of life in Canada is that we get to enjoy both summer and winter activities (even if some of them involve a snow blower and lawn mower!) But, while we get twice the enjoyment, we must find space for twice as much stuff too. A storage unit is often home to things like water skis, hockey equipment, garden furniture, and snow mobiles.

7. Downsizing

As the baby-boom generation goes into retirement, they don’t want the headaches of maintaining a house. While condos are great for not having to worry about lawns and maintenance, they don’t have very much space for all the things accumulated over 30 or 40 years of life in a house. You can get rid of lots of things through family, friends and online, but it often doesn’t go quickly enough, or you want to keep some stuff, and storage spaces are a great option.

8. Temporarily Relocating

Whether it’s university students moving home for the summer, or you have the chance to work abroad for a time, you’ll be needing your things again at some point, so it doesn’t make sense to get rid of them.

There are lots of other reasons for renting a storage unit, like you just don’t have a spot at home for all those unreleased Michael Jackson recordings you have. No matter what the reason, we have the secure, climate-controlled space you need right here at Vault Self Storage.

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