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Thinking About a Self-Storage Unit? Here’s What to Think About

Cluttered garage - It's time to rent a self-storage unit

You’ve seen the locations around town. You’ve seen the reality TV shows. But although self-storage locations and services are well-known, many people have never felt the need use them.

Many homeowners, those in detached or semi-detached homes that have a garage or large basement, tend to use the space available in their homes for storage. Of course, having your storage items close at hand is very convenient – until it isn’t.

Our natural tendency to pack our stuff into a basement, garage or spare room ends up blinding us to the point at which doing so becomes a problem. Like when you can no longer use your car garage for your car. Or you completely lose the living space of an entire room in your home.

Whether you’re expecting a baby, or visiting friends and relatives, freeing up living space is just one of the reasons why you might start thinking about renting a storage unit.

But it’s definitely not the only reason. And the reasons don’t apply only to homeowners. The following are some of the many other times you might consider a storage unit to make life easier:

• You need to temporarily store furniture or other items during a move
• You want to get rid of extra furniture while you stage your home for sale
• You are renovating your home or condo
• The closets in your apartment or condo are stuffed and you could store your seasonal clothing to free-up space
• You have an opportunity to temporarily live in another city, but you’ll need your stuff when you return
• Your business needs space for inventory
• You are downsizing your home or office and you’re not yet sure what you will do with extra furniture and equipment

This is just a sampling. From moving back home from college to storing your classic car, there are many more reasons why anyone might need a storage unit.

And There’s More to Think About Before Renting a Storage Unit

Determining a need for a storage unit is just the first step. The right storage unit for your needs can vary depending on what you want to store, how often you will have to access it and your budget.

Among other thoughts, make sure you consider the following before signing a storage unit rental agreement.

1. The Size of the Unit

You can usually pack more into a space than you think. But if you’ll need access to everything at any given time, then you might need a larger space than your storage items actually require.

2. Do You Need a Climate-Controlled Space?

Many regular household items must be kept in a climate-controlled environment. Wooden and leather furniture are susceptible to moisture and mold damage. Electronics and appliances need climate-controlled spaces because moisture in the air can cause rust. Anything that is of special value, and made of wood, metal or paper, like stamps, musical instruments or antiques, should also be stored in climate-controlled spaces.

3. Do You Need Ground-level Access?

Vehicles, large pieces of furniture and anything that is particularly large or cumbersome should be stored in a ground-level unit.

4. Location

Like homes and apartments, storage units in certain areas, like downtown Toronto, cost more than they do in others – like right here in Holland Landing. If you don’t need to access your unit often, or if you pass by a certain place occasionally, you might be able to find a less costly unit further away from you.

5. Security, Insurance and Extras

There are many other details involved in renting a storage unit. Most facilities have fairly good security, but many offer extended security protection. Your items might be covered in your homeowners or apartment contents insurance policy, but if they aren’t, you may want to find a storage company that offers it. Other extras can range from nearby amenities to additional services that you might need, like a moving service or supplies.

We bet you never thought there would be so many things to think about when leasing a storage space! If you choose the right self-storage company, like Vault Self Storage, they will help you make the right choice.

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