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Springtime is Storage Unit Time

Prepare outdoor furniture

Like most people, we love spring here at Vault; but for more than the usual reasons of warmer weather and enjoying the outdoors.

Spring time means we get to see many of our regular customers for the first time in a while. When you work in the storage business, you realize that spring is a time of transition for many people. And storage units help people make those transitions.

To give you a better idea of what we mean, here are just some of the reasons we see lots of our regular clients every spring.

1. Kids Coming Home from College

Having kids in a distant college or university means you have to maintain more than one ‘residence’. Especially when they graduate, or move out of students’ residence and into shared accommodations, parents use storage units as a place to keep their furniture for the summer, including bar fridges, beds and desks.

2. Outdoor Furniture & Equipment

It’s time to set up the ‘outdoor living space’, and we see lots of homeowners when they show up to get their garden furniture, barbecues and yard maintenance equipment, like lawn mowers and tillers. And many of them put away their snow blowers while they’re at it.

3. Cars, Boats & Bikes

It’s time to get the ‘toys’ out. We love it when we see all the beautiful vehicles heading out for another summer of fun. And even if they don’t store a vehicle, lots of people visit to get their summer tires and to store their winter tires.

Like changing tires, it’s like we all change from winter mode to summer mode during the spring and we’re glad that our storage units play a big part in making that change happen for our clients.

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