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Self Storage Units 101

When you are looking for a place to store some extra property you don’t use all the time, finding a self-storage company can be pretty easy

These companies are all over the place nowadays – but does that mean that all are created equal? Not in the least! So how do you separate the less than stellar from the stars? Here is our list of the top characteristics to look for in a reliable and secure self-storage unit facility.

Climate Controlled

No matter what you store in your unit, humidity can wreak havoc on your belongings. Extra moisture can destroy furniture or cause mold to develop. Make sure you choose a climate controlled self-storage unit to maintain optimal dryness within the unit while still preserving breathability.

Wall Construction

Many storage companies claim stability but their units’ walls are made of drywall. This is a major no-no in the storage world.  Drywall can quickly become compromised, not only by the weather but also by a less than trustworthy customer with a crowbar. Make sure the walls are made of galvanized steel for both stability and security. Also, make sure that the walls go right to the ceiling – not-to-the-ceiling walls are fairly typical in the storage world, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great idea to entrust your goods to a unit that gives others the ability to check what you are storing…

Ceiling Clearance

The typical clearance for a unit is 8 feet, but look for one that is 12-14 feet. This means more room and easier packing (and of course the ability to shove in more stuff).


Is the only option for moving and package doing it yourself? In many cases, yes, but another great characteristic of a great self-storage company is the ability to have them move your belongings or to have them help you pack the unit (or both). After all, everybody needs a little help sometimes.


Is there a system in place to ensure the security of your belongings? Video surveillance is a big thing to look for, as is a locking system than prevents others from gaining access to your unit.


A small window of time for accessibility can be a major inconvenience. These units should be more of an off-site garage, allowing you access to your stuff 24/7. That being said, this access should be coupled with a security system that protects while delivering convenience.

When looking for a place to store that extra sporting equipment, that vintage car, or even precious heirloom furniture that perhaps doesn’t fit your modern décor, don’t just settle for the first self-storage unit you come across. Use these characteristics to narrow down your search and find the best self storage units.

For more information about optimal self-storage units that are reliable and secure, please contact Vault Self Storage by calling or contacting us today!

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