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The Right Way to Pack a Storage Unit

Installing shelves

How you pack your storage unit can make big differences in the amount of space you need, the ease of using the unit, the safety of your belongings and your personal safety too.

Interestingly, if you watch the storage-auction related shows on TV, you can get lots of tips about how to pack a storage unit. But only if you know what to look for.

Here’s one example. Before bidding, buyers are allowed a short time to assess the value of the contents of a unit, which can be a particularly difficult task considering that they are not allowed to go into the unit or touch anything in the unit. They have no way of knowing what’s inside any boxes or hidden behind other objects.

To get a better idea of what the unit might hold, they look for clues, like the use of bubble wrap, or other protective coverings. It’s a sign that whatever is under the wrap is valuable enough that the owner took the time to protect it.

How is that an example of the best way to pack your storage unit? Make sure you pack your valuables in ways that they are well protected and can survive anything that they might endure in storage, like lots of boxes stacked on top of them.

When you pack your storage unit properly, not only will you protect your belongings, but you will save time finding things, you will get more into the unit and you’ll reduce the chances of getting bonked on the head by a falling box – which is another thing that happens to the TV storage unit buyers.

Let’s start with the point we’ve already mentioned

1. Protect Your Valuables

The first thing to do is to pack them in a box or plastic container that won’t easily be crushed. In addition to bubble wrap, you can make sure there’s no empty space in the container with packing paper, and/or foam peanuts. Tape or shrink-wrap the container closed for additional protection and to maintain the strength of the container. Make sure you stack the valuables box in a way that it won’t be crushed, fall or otherwise be damaged.

2. Maximize Space

We’ve told you before about how to get more storage space for less by maximizing the space you use. On TV, some units are literally packed floor-to-ceiling, front-to-back, can’t-get-another-sliver-in. If there is one part of storage unit that is most under-used, it is the overhead space. Shelving can help you use more of that open space.

3. Use Uniform Containers & Labelling

If you’re not stacking boxes, you’re either storing large items that can’t fit in a box, or you’re wasting storage space. Stacks of boxes more than two or three high can become unstable, especially if they are all sized differently. Boxes or plastic containers that are the same size can be stacked higher, especially if they are securely closed with tape. They will also be a better use of your storage space by fitting together more tightly.

Uniformly-sized containers are also easier to label, which will help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

Also remember to place heavier items on the floor and lighter boxes on top. While you should try to stack containers in ways that they won’t fall, if they do, less damage will be done by lighter boxes.

4. Leave Access Ways

Nothing’s more frustrating than having to remove most of the contents of your storage unit just to find a box that’s buried at the back. Especially if you’ll need to get to the contents of the unit often, pack the unit in a way that lets you reach anything in it as quickly as possible.

The cool thing is that you can pack your storage unit any way you want to. But if you want to get more into the unit, keep everything in the unit safe, avoid getting bonked on the head and quickly find anything you want, then using these tips will help.

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