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Items That Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Are you planning on using a storage unit to stage your items for your next move or for some additional storage after moving to a smaller home? You may be wondering if you should spend the extra coin on a climate controlled storage unit. Here are some common items that should be stored in a climate controlled storage environment to prevent damage. If any of these things are on your list you may want to spend the extra money.

Leather Furniture needs to be Climate Controlled

Any time that you are planning on storing leather furniture in an environment that temperatures can swing rather drastically then you should choose to use a climate controlled storage unit. Since mould swings in temperature can lead to moisture in a storage unit, leather furniture can actually be stained and damaged by the moisture that builds up. Colours can also be faded on the leather items.

If you plan on storing any leather furniture then you should consider a climate controlled storage unit.

Wooden Furniture should be Climate Controlled

Just like leather, wood can also be very susceptible to swings in temperature. Exposure to moisture can cause wood to crack and warp. In the worst cases wood can rot due to exposure to too much moisture. Tables, chairs, bed frames, entertainment centres, dressers and even night stands can all be very sensitive to large swings in temperature.

If you plan on storing any wooden furniture, protecting them against humidity and moisture is best done in a climate controlled storage unit.

Clothing can be Affected by Temperature Swings

Think about opening up your box of favourite sweaters after a long summer storage only to find they have taken on a rather unpleasant musty odour. This can easily be the case if you have stored them all summer in a storage unit that saw a wide range of temperatures.

Remember that when you are talking about a climate controlled storage unit you are actually talking about humidity control as much as temperature control. Temperature swings bring on moisture and moisture brings on mould and mildew. This can be devastating to clothing.

Avoid having to replace your clothing by using a climate controlled storage unit.

Collectibles and Artwork

Do you like to collect stamps, paintings, comics or wine but just don’t have the room in your home for them right now? A storage unit is a great place to keep them. However these expensive collectibles are very sensitive to moisture and changes in temperature. All of these things should be stored in a cool place free of as much moisture as possible. That is why a climate controlled storage unit is ideal for them.

Otherwise, you might find your prized collection has been ruined!

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