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How Businesses Can Use a Self Storage Unit

How businesses can use a self storage unit and other tips from Vault Storage

There’s one thing every business has is common, regardless of whether it’s a retail outlet, service company, commercial office or industrial operation.

Storage space.

But, if you’re lucky, your workplace has enough storage for your needs. Warehouses and factories usually don’t need to worry too much about finding space. And if they do run out of room, extra storage won’t help. They will need extra warehouse and factory space.

For other businesses, if you don’t have enough storage space on your premises, it could affect your business, including increasing your operating costs and/or decreasing your revenue. Have you ever been at a restaurant and noticed furniture tucked into a corner as you walked to the washroom? Or have you ever worked in an office where you had to step over storage boxes to get to something in a storage room?

How Not Enough Storage Space can Affect Your Business

A lack of storage space can affect your business in sometimes unseen ways. Restaurant owners and managers spend a lot of money creating ambiance. Ambiance that attracts customers like you. But when you spot excess furniture stacked in a corner or down a hall, the ambiance you bought into is shattered, perhaps to the point of not returning to the restaurant.

For office and commercial operations, extra stuff hanging around can add to costs in a number of ways, including adding to the time it takes employees to do a task and the cost of documents and data lost in the clutter.

Self Storage for Businesses

With all of these costs in mind, here are just a few ways different types of businesses can use a self storage unit to keep their operations functioning as profitably as possible.

Records Storage

Every business has to keep corporate documents for a certain amount of time. And they are obligated to protect the data on those documents. While keeping documents on-site can be secure, it can also add lots of clutter and reduce the storage space you have for other things that might be needed more frequently.

With the right security and fire protection, a self storage unit gives you a safe place to store your corporate records.

Seasonal Restaurant Equipment and Furniture

With space needed for offices and employees, storage space can be difficult to come by in a restaurant operation. Yet restaurants may be one of the most furniture- and equipment-intensive small- and medium-sized business operations going.
There may be seasonal furniture including patio tables and chairs, decorations and promotional items for different holiday and calendar events, like halloween, and even a wine collection that needs a climate controlled unit for storage.

Extra Inventory

For most types of business, extra inventory can be an occasional or ongoing problem. Even a small home-based business can need at least temporary storage when they receive a full complement of brochures or the initial production run of something they’re selling. Some businesses can have ongoing extra stock in the form of seasonal products. All of it can be kept off site in a secure self storage unit.

Short-Term Storage

If you have only occasional extra stock to store, or if you’re moving, extra storage space can help in many ways. It can give you a place to store things as you move in stages, versus interrupting your business to move everything at once. Also, a move often means new equipment and/or furniture. Having a place to store the new purchases before you have access to the new space can help you avoid adding a bunch of large items to your main move.

If you’re interested in self storage for business, get in touch with us here at Vault Self Storage.

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