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What Does Climate-Controlled Self Storage Really Mean & Do You Need It?

What to store in a climate controlled vault

If you’ve ever rented an outdoor storage unit and returned to find that your belongings weren’t quite as you left them, you’ve probably experienced the downside of not using a climate-controlled storage unit.

If your stuff got moldy, warped or, in the case of electronics, didn’t work properly, they are all potential problems of not using climate-controlled storage.

Renting a storage unit that’s ‘climate-controlled’ means that the storage facility is equipped to manage the temperature and humidity inside the storage unit.

Generally, if you rent a unit that is climate-controlled, you can expect that the temperatures inside the unit will remain well above freezing and not exceed about 30 degrees Celsius, and that the humidity in the unit will remain at a level that won’t affect humidity-sensitive items.

There are no exact specifications for climate-controlled temperatures and humidity levels, so you should check with your storage facility for specifics about their units.

What Items Should be Stored in a Climate-Controlled Unit

You’d be surprised at how many different sorts of things can be affected by extreme temperature and humidity. From family photographs to your favourite music, you need a climate-controlled unit to protect them.


Oil paints and the ink on prints can shrink and expand due to temperature fluctuation and humidity to the point of affecting your artwork.

Books & Magazines

If you’ve got a collection of old books and magazines, you need climate-controlled storage to help preserve them.

Fabrics and Upholstery

Any clothing and upholstered furniture, and particularly delicate fabrics, should be protected against temperature and humidity extremes.


The internal companies of electronics like computers, cameras and audio equipment can become corroded in high-humidity environments


High humidity will cause iron to rust, copper to turn green and silver to turn black.

Wooden Items

Whether it’s furniture or the piano you have no space for in your condo, wood expands and contracts due to variations in temperature and humidity. And mold loves to feast on wood.

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