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15 Best Self Storage Tips Ever!

Best self-storage tips ever | Vault Self Storage

No matter how good a self storage location you find; no matter how big the storage space you rent; no matter how much stuff you store in it, one thing is true – Your Self Storage Space can Always be Better Organized

Really? What if you manage to pack your storage unit in such a way that you’re using every square inch of space and there is no way for you to squeeze in even a toothpick?

Well, we bet a few minutes after you finish putting the last item into your completely full self storage space, you’re going to need something from the box that’s at the very back of the space.

In other words, overpacking a storage space is not a great storage tip. And you’ll find out why when you start unpacking the entire unit just to get to the box you need.

15 Self Storage Tips

Whether it’s your first time using a self storage unit, or you’re a veteran of more than a few, the following tips will help you maximize the how much value you get from your unit.

1.Take Inventory & Plan

Lots of people just toss things into their self storage space randomly. But by making note of everything you have to store, and planning how you will store it all in the unit, you will likely use the space better and protect your things better too.

2.Sort Things by Category

When you’re storing sports equipment, try to keep it all together. When it’s time to get it out, you’ll know exactly where it is and there’ll be less chance of missing something.

3.Use Boxes of the Same Size

If all your storage boxes were the same size, they would be easier to stack, they would use the space more efficiently and they would be less likely to fail.

4.Clearly Label Every Box

Write the main category of content in large letters, like “KITCHEN” on the outside of the box. Then list everything in the box in as much detail as possible.

5.Leave Space to Reach Everything in the Unit

As you pack the unit, be mindful of the need to reach even the furthest back spot because that’s where the thing you need the most will likely be.

6.Place the Things You’ll Need Most in the Most Accessible Places

You’ll be happy you did.

7.Don’t Over-Pack Boxes

Storage boxes that are overstuffed and don’t close properly don’t stack well and might result in the collapse of all the boxes above them.

8.Put Heavy Things in the Bottom of a Box

That makes them more stable.

9.Put Heavy Boxes at the Bottom of the Stack

It makes the stack more stable and reduces the chances of a box falling on your head.

10.Wrap Fragile Items

You might wonder why you need to protect something that’s just sitting there, but a lot can happen on the way to and from the unit.

11.Make Sure Everything is Dry

Even in a climate-controlled self storage unit, moisture can cause problems.

12.Leave Fridges and Stoves Open

It’ll keep them from getting musty.

13.Use the Vertical Space of the Unit

Pack ‘vertically’. In addition to safely stacking boxes, store long items, like sofas, on end to leave more valuable floor space open.

14.Disassemble Furniture and Large Items

Taking things apart helps you store them in less space.

15.Keep the Unit Door Clear

If you want to avoid a surprise bump on the head the next time you open your self storage unit, don’t pack things too close to the door of the unit.

If you’d like more tips for getting more from your storage unit, or if you want to take advantage of our extra-high units, get in touch with us here at Vault Self-Storage.

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