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9 Tips for Storing Your Car in Winter

Getting ready to store your car for the winter

If you have a car that you don’t want to expose to the ravages of the salt and sand we pour on our roads every winter, you should be thinking about putting it into storage sooner than later.

While storing the car in a rented storage unit offers the most protection, you can also safely store it in your garage too. In both cases, by taking a few steps to get the car ready for storage, you’ll do a lot to protect the car, have it run well when you take it out in the spring, and keep it rust-free.

1. Fill it Up

Condensation can form inside your gas tank from the moisture in the air that’s in empty spaces in the tank. Fill it up with premium fuel before storing to eliminate the spaces, and add gasoline stabilizer.

2. Pump Up the Tires

If you are not putting the car on jacks, make sure the tires are properly inflated.

3. Wash and Wax the Car

Thoroughly clean the exterior of the car, especially the undercarriage and wheel wells. Wax helps moisture roll off the car. Clean the car’s interior, paying particular attention to getting rid of any food scraps that may be under seats – they can attract animals.

4. Plug the Exhaust and Air Intake

Put a rag into your exhaust pipe and air intake to prevent animals from nesting there.

5. Use a Battery Maintainer

It’s basically a smart battery charger that comes on periodically to keep your battery operational.

6. Add Oil inside Spark Plug Seats

Remove your spark plugs, spray a small amount of oil into the cylinders, then replace the plugs.

7. Put the car on Axle Stands

This will prevent the tires from getting flat spots. Some low profile radial tires can make it through the winter without flat spotting.

8. Release the Parking Brake

Leaving the parking brake engaged can cause the brake pads to stick to the rotors.

9. Use a Cover Outside

If you’re storing the car outside, covering it with a good quality car cover is recommended. Inside, leaving the car uncovered prevents water vapour from collecting on or in the car.

If you’re looking for a secure space to store your car, boat or RV this winter, please give us a call at Vault Self Storage.

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