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3 Ways Storage Units Can Be Used by Businesses

Business storage

After we finished posting our last blog entry about how to make a storage unit the distribution centre for an online business, we got to thinking that there are lots of ways that storage units can help businesses of all kinds.

Of course, there’s the obvious use of a storage unit: for the secure storage of anything – machinery, inventory, furniture – that your business doesn’t need day-to-day.

But there are many other times and situations where a storage unit can help your business reduce costs and run more efficiently.

1. Take Advantage of Bulk Order Discounts

Running a small business is never easy, especially when you’re in competition with ‘the big boys’. They can enjoy advantages based on their size that you simply can’t. Theses include bulk discounts on supplies, parts and/or raw materials. But a storage unit lets you place larger orders and get lower per unit pricing because you have a place to store everything.

2. Storing Seasonal Stock

If you run a bricks-and-mortar retail store, you need the limited storage space you have on-site just to keep current product lines in stock. Needing to store seasonal merchandise until next year can stretch that space beyond its limits. Unless you have a storage unit for it.

3. Corporate Records Management

Especially for growing companies, maintaining corporate documents and records according to regulations can make a mess of limited office space. Not to mention increase the risk of misplacing a valuable document. But scanning your documents and maintaining a ‘records centre’ in a storage unit will free-up space in the office and keep the documents secure.

From helping you change locations to being your warehouse and distribution centre, there are many more benefits that storage units offer businesses of all types and sizes.

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