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3 Opportunities That You Didn’t Know a Storage Unit Could Offer
January 31, 2018
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3 Ways Self Storage Makes Moving Easier – Part 2
February 28, 2018

3 Ways Self Storage Makes Moving Easier – Part 1

Moving easier | Vault Self Storage

Whenever someone tells you “it’ll be worth it in the end”, it means that whatever they’re talking about is going to be very difficult. Moving to a new home is one of those things. And the “it’ll be worth it in the end” refers to the seemingly endless list of seemingly impossible tasks that must be completed before a deadline that is not flexible.

That said, adding yet another task to the list isn’t something most homeowners want to do. But, if you add something to your list that helps you do many of the other things you need to accomplish, then maybe it’s worthwhile.

When it comes to moving, most people don’t think of renting a storage unit. The idea is that you need to sell your existing home, find a new one, and arrange to pack up your entire life and transport it to its new setting. How does a storage unit enter into that equation?

Even if there was some good reason, if there is yet another thing you don’t want to add to your move, it is more cost.

But, when you look at all the different ways having a place to store things can help you at every stage of your move, including helping to save you money, then you’ll see why you might want to put ‘rent a storage unit’ on your moving checklist; perhaps even at the top of it.

Here are just some of the benefits you can get by renting a storage unit for your move.

1. Helps You Get the Highest Price for Your Home

House prices in Southern Ontario are starting to cool off. As a result, more homes are being put on the market by owners who want to sell while prices are still relatively high. That means you have way more competition to sell your home now than even just a few months ago. So you need to make your house as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

The purpose of staging your home is to present it to buyers in a way that lets them see themselves in it, versus seeing how you and your family live. If there is one thing that home stagers recommend more than any other, it is to declutter your home before putting it on the market. But that doesn’t mean just tidying up and getting rid of old magazines.

Home stagers find that most homes have to much furniture for effective staging. They will often recommend you get rid of 25% or more of your furniture to make the interior of your home more appealing.

But where do you put all that stuff? You can’t put it in the basement or garage because prospective buyers want to see neat and tidy spaces there too.

Do you see where we’re going here? A self storage unit gives you a safe and secure space to store your extra furniture until you move, or even after.

In Part 2 of 3 Ways Self Storage Makes Moving Easier you’ll find out how a storage unit can solve many of the logistics of moving, including helping out if you buy new furniture and/or appliances, and how they can give you the gift of time, including by taking the pressure off the need to move everything at once.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a self-storage unit to make your move easier, or for any other reason, check out the climate-controlled self storage units here at Vault Self Storage.

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