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3 Ways to Avoid Renting a Storage Unit

How to avoid renting a self-storage unit

Yes, the actual survival of our business here at Vault Self Storage depends on us renting-out storage units. So why would we tell you how to not do that?

The survival of our business actually depends on happy customers. If we can help you keep organized, even if it means that you don’t end up renting one of our units, then we hope you’ll think of us when you really do need a storage unit.

The truth is, in most cases, homes have more storage space than we think. But, especially after living in a house for some time, the available space can become disorganized and not well suited for storage.

If you could find a way to store more things at home, you’d enjoy a lot more than saving the monthly rental costs of a unit. There’s nothing like having everything you need at hand. Imagine the time you save just by not having to drive to the storage centre and back.

So, without further ado, here are just a few ways you can find more space in your home and put the monthly storage rent back in your pocket.

1. Toss It

We all hang onto things that we might need one day, or that might be worth something someday. But guess what: you never ever end up using them and, unless you have a uniquely valuable antique, that old typewriter is not going to make you a fortune. Round up everything you don’t need or use and either sell them online or toss them.

2. Stack It

Shelves are the single most important device for maximizing storage space. Even if you have a large home, you have limited floor space. Every square foot of space you chew up by placing an item on the floor, you also chew up all the space above it. But shelves help you use all the space you have, from floor to ceiling. You can either make a project of it and build your own shelving, or you ca find pre-made shelves that are ready to be assembled.

3. Hang It

Whether it’s hanging your bicycles on the garage walls, or your hockey equipment from the basement ceiling, another way to use more of the space in your home is to find ways to hook or hang things as high as you can.

Think about that hockey equipment you keep on the floor. If you could hang it on the wall or from the ceiling, you’d have enough floor space below to store some of the most common things that people put in storage units, including your lawn mower, extra furniture or boxes of old papers.

Now, after telling you how to avoid renting a storage unit, we also don’t want you to fall victim to the opposite problem. If you can’t enjoy your home because of all the stuff you have, it’s time to give us a call here at Vault Self Storage.

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