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3 Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothing & Gear for the Summer

How to store winter clothing and gear | Vault Self Storage

You can’t be blamed if you haven’t put away your entire winter wardrobe and gear just yet. Spring seems to be hesitating here in Southern Ontario. But, regardless of the weather outside, it’s a good time to get your winter clothing, snow boots and sports equipment ready for summer storage.

A self-storage unit can work like a giant closet. In the spring, you take out your summer stuff, like garden furniture and bicycles, and you put away your winter stuff, including coats, boots and sports equipment.

Here are just a few tips for storing your winter things in a storage unit this summer.

Clean Your Clothing

When’s the last time you cleaned your winter coat? Considering you won’t need it until next fall, now’s a great time to get it done. Also, if your boots and other footwear still have salt stains, cleaning them now will help protect them. The other bonus of ‘spring cleaning’ things before storing them is that they will be ready to go when you take them out next fall.

Cover Your Clothing

The more you do to protect your clothing, including covering it up and putting it on hangers, the better it will be when you take it out of storage. At very least, you should wrap clothing in plastic. Other options for protecting your clothes include storing them in cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, garment bags and suitcases.

Store Similar Items in the Same Spot

Especially if your storage unit is crowded, grouping similar items can make them easier to find and retrieve later on. For example, if you get the chance for an early ski vacation next year, you’ll know exactly where all your skis, boots and other gear will be, versus having to tear the unit apart to find your goggles.

Climate-controlled storage units will help protect your clothing from humidity and moisture than can cause mold and mildew growth. Contact us at Vault Storage to learn more.

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